The MAZE field trips will be offered October 5th through October 26th,  2018.
School trip hours are 9:00am to 1:30pm.
The cost of the field trip is $8 per person (teachers, chaperones and kids - 1 year and up)

Cost includes: 1 Pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, a wagon ride and admission to the grounds & events.

Tours are subject to good weather. Lunches for all members of your field trip can be provided with advance notice. The lunch menu is provided to the right for your convenience. Lunches can be arranged for as a part of your package price or can be offered separately for individual purchase.  Please let us know if you would like to include lunch as part of your field trip when you contact us by phone or e-mail.

Agriculture plays an important role in our daily lives, yet how much do students really understand about how agriculture factors into what they do every day? Do students understand what goes into the food they eat, the clothes they buy, the games they play? Out of sight oftentimes means out of mind and increasingly this important topic is not fully understood by many children because they have little exposure to agricultural settings.

This year Bowles Farms has created a maze puzzle carved into 15 acres of cornstalks – offering field trips in an effort to provide a unique, fun, educational activity to expose Maryland’s children to “agriculture in process.” The MAZE offers students the opportunity to become acquainted with agriculture in an environment that is new and unusual for those who have little exposure to life on a farm. It allows students to be in the middle of a cornfield, learning about all that goes into raising crops while enjoying the experience of finding the maze’s one and only exit. The experience will also allow teachers the opportunity to educate children about concepts such as farming, nutrition, ecosystems and conservation through hand-on exposure to these principles.

The MAZE field trip experience will be available to elementary and middle school classes. At the field trip site, employees will give a brief introduction to the maze, including how it was made and the agricultural principles behind it. They will also have the opportunity to view a farm video. Ten stations corresponding to 10 questions will be posted on the correct pathway out of the maze. Students will be instructed to turn left or right according to their answers to the agricultural questions posed to them on the signs in the maze. Correct answers will lead them through the pathways to the only exit. Students will get lost and have fun, learning about agriculture along the way. The MAZE experience will last approximately to 45-60 minutes (or longer).

Hot Dog

Drinks (soda, water, coffee, hot chocolate, juice boxes)
French fries
Ice Cream

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